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Currently, you must report all cryptocurrency transactions on your U.S. income tax returns.

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Educational Ðogecoin


such facts

  • symbol                             Ð 
  • ticker                                 DOGE
  • first dogecoin                december 6, 2013
  • coin type                         open source peer-to-peer digital currency

very tech

  • block explorer               dogechain.info
  • hash function                scrypt-based
  • block time                       1 minute (7 doge minutes)


  • dogecoin has the friendliest cryptocurrency community
  • dogecoin has extremely low fees compared to other cryptocurrencies
  • dogecoin is easy to use and accepted by many vendors online
  • dogecoin is loved by shiba inus across the universe

much educational

Dogecoin. Such wow.

Dogecoin. Such wow.